Fair Oaks Village Roosters
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Under the Moon
Our Price: $150.00

A beautiful stallion running wild and free under the full moon. Original charcoal and colored pencil drawing on black paper. 12.75"X9.75", unframed.
Garden Jewels
Our Price: $200.00

Two beautiful pink dogwood blossoms shining out of the lush green leaves. 9"X12", Watercolor on paper, unframed.
Tiger Tiger
Our Price: $225.00

Original Guache & ink resist painting of a stylized
tiger on illustration board. 1 Available. 8"x10" framed with a black vintage frame.
Desert Sentinel
Our Price: $225.00

A lone tree stands watch in a desert landscape. Original watercolor on paper. 9"x12", unframed
Heralds of Spring
Our Price: $225.00

Original watercolor of Spring daffodils. 9"x12", unframed.
Spring Breeze
Our Price: $225.00

Brightly-colored tulips swaying in a Spring breeze. Watercolor on paper, 9"x12", unframed.
Water Lily
Our Price: $225.00

Original watercolor of a water lily in a peaceful pond. Watercolor on paper, 9"x12", unframed.
Grass Trumpets
Our Price: $225.00

Beautiful purple trumpets heralding the arrival of spring. 11"x14", acrylic on paper, unframed.
Asilomar Sunset
Our Price: $250.00

A beautiful sunset at Asilomar Beach in Monterey, CA. Acrylic on panel. 20"x16", unframed.
Coral Reefer
Our Price: $250.00

A fantastical Coral Reef in bright, rich jewel-toned colors. Acrylic on canvas, 16"X20".
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